Does Makeup Make Your Skin Age Faster?

Makeup Can Be a Girl’s Best Friend Or Her Worst Enemy

Can Makeup Make Your Skin Age Faster?

Makeup has several uses and has been used for many centuries to cover acne, blemishes, wrinkles or any unwanted marks on a woman’s face.

In addition, some women put on makeup to make them appear younger.

Unfortunately, there are mistakes that one can do to cause the opposite effect and make you look older!

There seems to be a lot of speculation between the relationship of makeup and skin aging. A number of questions have arisen regarding this topic and have caused anxiety to women and debates among skin experts.

Is there any truth that makeup makes skin age faster?

The cause of aging mainly relies on the production of two proteins in our body. These are collagen and elastin.

Basically, these two are involved in maintaining the firmness and flexibility of not only the skin but also the tissues found in the bones, lungs, muscles and even the blood vessels.

Collagen and elastin production slows down as we age, causing the skin to become loose, less firm, wrinkly and saggy.

Skin experts and dermatologists believe that makeup is not the actual culprit that causes rapid or premature aging but the ingredients that are found in such beauty products or cosmetics.

Experts have claimed that there several toxic ingredients in beauty products lead to negative effects in the production of collagen, making the aging process faster.

Furthermore, there are assumptions that certain ingredients can cause break down of collagen. Thus, less collagen leads to skin aging.

However, these assumptions are still unproven. Therefore, there is no need to panic.

So, does makeup age your skin?

In any case, here are some guidelines for you to remember when it comes to using makeup:

  • Use makeup that will not clog your pores. There are some products that can cause clogged pores when the user does not know how to properly cleanse or exfoliate the skin after excessive build-up on the pores. This can cause acne and other unwanted effects on the skin. Look for non-comedogenic products which mean that they do not clog the pores.
  • Use natural products. Several makeup products can contain unfamiliar chemicals which could cause skin damage. Look for natural beauty products that are safe and harmless. A rule of thumb: read the labels and avoid buying them if you can’t even pronounce them. 
  • Avoid Talc. Talc is an ingredient that has spun a lot of controversy because health experts and doctors have discovered that it is carcinogenic (cancer-causing material). Although, the possibility of this from happening is quite minimal, unless you ingest or inhale a great amount of this substance. Remember to be cautious with using beauty products containing talc. 
  • Cleaning and moisturizing after. Always bear in mind that cleaning your face thoroughly after wearing makeup is very important. Avoid sleeping with your makeup on. Using moisturizer before and after using makeup is also beneficial to give your skin an invigorating rest. 
  • Avoid doing skin-damaging activities. Excessive alcohol intake, smoking, sun exposure and eating junk food can cause alteration in your skin and also your health. Eat more fruits and vegetables, get 15 minutes of sunlight every day and hydrate with water can lead to a much happier and age-defying skin.

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