When Should You Use Anti-Aging Products to Prevent Premature Aging?

Many people are concerned with the way they look, most especially when they reach a certain age. And now, with so many anti-aging products that are being offered to consumers, one can’t ignore the fact that these products are very enticing to use.

Along with the surge of anti aging products on the market, many people who are interested in using these products want to know whether they are too young or too old for these “miracle” marvels.

One of the questions of heard in related topics of discussion is “When should I consider using anti-aging products to prevent premature aging appearance?”.


Dermatologists and skin experts have researched and discovered that our skin may actually start showing signs of aging from as early as our mid-late 20s.

Thus, it is sensible to start using anti-aging products as early as our 20s especially if you are beginning to show visible signs of skin aging such as fine lines or wrinkles.

The age factor also comes into play when it comes to skin aging. The older you are, the more evident and plentiful are the changes on your skin. Here are a few key tips for you when using anti-aging products as you age:

  • During your 20s, prevention is key. The types of anti aging products that are recommended for this age group are moisturizers and UV protection. These products prevent drying of the skin and damage from sun exposure.
  • During your 30s, less collagen is produced. This causes deeper lines and wrinkles due to diminished skin elasticity. Look for anti-aging products that contain Vitamin C and Vitamin E to boost collagen production and improve your skin’s elasticity. Vitamin C also keeps your skin revitalized and energized.
  • One’s skin in 40s may become thinner, drier and duller if not protected well. Uneven complexion and age spots can also start appearing at this stage. Be aware with these anti-aging products: Retinol, Salicylic Acid, Coenzyme Q10 and Creatine. These ingredients increase cell recovery, exfoliate your skin, protect from UV light and moisturize your skin, respectively.
  • In their 50s, women undergo menopause, sometimes earlier, and hormones such as estrogen are being under produced. Furthermore, progesterone decreases in production causing thinner and sagging skin. This leads to more wrinkles, loose skin and prominent pores. At this stage, women should look for skin care products which contain phytohormones like estrogen and progesterone.

Therefore, whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s or golden years, you can start to make proactive steps in preventing signs of skin aging.

The really important thing to understand is that it is never too early for you to start protecting your skin. But always bear in mind that before using any of the anti-aging products that are being marketed worldwide, you should consult your trusted dermatologist or physician about the use of anti-aging products.

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