What Are The Benefits of Vitamin A?

“An estimated number of 190 million of worldwide population of pre-school age children and 19 million pregnant women are classified as Vitamin A deficient because they do not have enough Vitamin A daily intakes.” Source: World Health Organization, 2009

The numbers are really alarming and if the countries affected by this inadequacy would really pay attention as to what are the benefits of Vitamin A, they might realize its importance and its effect on humanity. The following are some benefits of Vitamin A that must be recognized for one’s advantage.

  • Vitamin A maintains your immune system.
    • Vitamin A keeps your skin and mucous membranes healthy.
    • Healthy membranes are moist and resist cell damage.
    • With healthy membranes, bacteria and viruses are hindered from initiating diseases.
    • It helps white blood cells to fight infection if it occurs.
  • Vitamin A promotes healthy eyesight.
    • Helps eyes to adjust to light changes.
    • Helps in prevention of night blindness.
    • Impedes acquisition of cataracts.
    • Helps fight against glaucoma (a disease of optic nerve that eventually steals sight)
    • Decreases risk of macular degeneration (a disease of the retina where the light-sensing cells in the central area of vision (known as macula) cease functioning and gradually die.
    • Topical application of Vitamin A relieves dry-eyes sickness.
  • Vitamin A promotes healthy skin.
    • Topical application prevents accumulation of skin cancer and ultimately, treating it.
    • Using this on skin lightens liver spots.
    • Reduces appearance of wrinkles and sun-damaged skin.
    • Isotretinoin and Tretinoin, both Vitamin A derivatives are used to treat acne. The former is an oral medication that must be closely monitored by a doctor while the latter is a topical medication that poses lesser side effects.
    • Etretinate, another Vitamin A derivative possibly heals psoriasis.
  • Vitamin A fights cancer.
    • Vitamin A blocks the production of DNA in cancerous cells.
    • If cancer is already acquired, Vitamin A slows down growth of tumor.
  • Vitamin A maintains healthy bones and teeth.
    • Vitamin A strengthens dentin (a whitish substance that composes up most of teeth).
    • Taking the right amount would decrease the risk of hip fracture.

There are other positive effects of Vitamin A on our bodies. But then, you must take note of the intake levels as well as too much of anything is not good. Be responsible in taking care of yourself. Do not ingest large amount of any vitamin in one sitting or perhaps do it after a meal. Take it consistently and regularly. Check on food labels about the percent daily value of Vitamin A or any other vitamins and minerals so you may have a balanced meal. Learning what are the benefits of Vitamin A is more than just education. It serves as an inspiration for you to feed yourself with healthy stuff and make your life happy and well.

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